"Going Green" with Solar Power

New solar power system to be installed at Squad 2 headquarters, saving energy and money.
***UPDATE*** The squad solar power project has been revised and is now being handled by 1st Light Energy of So. Plainfield, NJ.

EDISON, NJ - In an effort to reduce it’s operating costs, while giving back to the community and the planet, Edison FAS#2 is planing to “go green” with the installation of a solar panel energy system on it’s New Dover Road station headquarters.

“This is a win for the squad, the residents who support us, and our planet” says EMT Frank Wu, who initiated and coordinated the project. “As a community organization we have a responsibility to our neighbors and our supporters, to use their donations in the most efficient and responsible manner. This project will do that by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, there by reducing our expenses so we can purchase new and better life saving equipment, and by helping our environment using renewable energy sources.”

Project installation will be handled by
Sun Farm Network of Flemington, NJ, who also coordinated funding for the project. Funding is being supported by investors who will collect the “SRECS”, or Solar Renewable Energy Credits, which will be generated from solar power created electricity. There is no out of pocket expense for the squad, and the energy savings will be passed directly on to their budget.

“Currently, our monthly energy bills can easily exceed $1,000. With these panels installed, we hope to cut that by more than half and reinvest those funds in equipment and protective clothing for your members” says past-president Dan Januseski, who worked with Wu to arrange the agreement. “Solar power has become a viable alternative energy source, and we are proud to be among the first volunteer public safety agencies in NJ to adopt this technology”.

Project construction should begin in April 2011 and be completed within 6 weeks. If the program is as successful as expected, the squad hopes other similar agencies will follow their lead and adopt similar energy conservation plans as well.