New Ambulance 6 Arrived

EDISON, NJ - Squad 2 proudly took delivery of new Ambulance 6 on Thursday, replacing an aging ambulance dating back to 1995. The new ambulance, funded with federal grant money awarded through the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant, will go into service after proper equipment stocking and licensure inspection by the NJDOH.

The ambulance, built by 1st Response Emergency Vehicles of Flanders, NJ, is a 2010 Ford E-450 Braun Chief XL Type III Ambulance. The project lead was D/C Alvin Ng of RVREMS/Squad 2, along with the Squad 2 New Ambulance Committee. The Committee would like to thank all those involved with preparing for and helping realize this project come to completion.

Edison FAS#2/RVREMS Now a NJDOH Licensed Service

Edison Squad 2, under the direction of RVREMS, Inc., now operates NJDOH licensed ambulances effective 1/1/2012. This new licensure will now allow RVREMS to bill patient medical insurance claims as a way to finance continued operations of the squad.

Patients served by an RVREMS ambulance will have their private, medicare or employer-provided medical insurance billed for services rendered according to industry-standard practices for NJ ambulance service. Claims processing will be handled by Revenue Guard of Matawan, NJ. Patients without insurance will not be denied care and will continue to receive the same services the squad has always provided.

Residents should be assured that the ambulances are still staffed 100% by volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians who work around the clock without pay; all funds collected through insurance billing are re-invested into the squad to improve equipment, training and vehicles which can no longer be funded through community donations alone. “The business of EMS has become too expensive, even for the community ambulance service”, remarks President Dan Januseski of RVREMS, noting that increased regulation and technological requirements have skyrocketed costs to operate, yet donations have stalled and support from the Township has dwindled. “Our goal is to provide enhanced revenue to strengthen our squads and return that investment to the residents in the form of a stronger, more capable and prepared first responder medical force”, adds Januseski.

More information can be found on the RVREMS website.

STAR Rehab Team Completes First Deployment with New Emergency Services Unit

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Squad 2 takes delivery of "ESU-2"

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