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Edison Squad 2 Mass Casualty Response Team Program

The Squad 2 Mass Casualty Response Unit (MCRU) and Team program was born in 1993 during the design of the new Rescue 2 vehicle. Squad 2 had been involved in a number of mass casualty events, including bus accidents, commercial building fires, train accidents, hostage situations and even small aircraft disasters. Although the squad kept disaster supplies in trunks at the station, the loading and deployment of this equipment on rapid notice at scenes was difficult at best.

With the knowledge of a fast-growing community and that the closest available MCI unit was from University EMS in Newark, the officers and rescue team decided to design the new rescue unit to house special equipment to conduct mass victim and rehabilitation operations. The design was not for a full-blown MCI truck to handle hundreds of patients, but a self-contained unit capable of treating up to 50 patients with rapid deployment, portability, adaptability, and independance. Thus was born Rescue-MCRU 2.

During construction and initial use of the new vehicle, Squad members engaged in extensive training on Incident Command System procedures, triage tactics, and mass casualty event planning and procedures. A new disaster plan (later renamed "Mass Casualty Event Plan") was developed and submitted to local and county Emergency Management Agencies. Public demonstrations and lectures about the new team were setup, and the unit was placed into service.

The unit first saw duty at a drill in Woodbridge Twp. during the simulated evacuation of patients from a long-term care center. The first "combat" use of the unit was a true "baptism by fire" during the Durham Woods Pipeline Disaster in 1994. Here MCRU 2 was deployed southeast of the incident at the Edison Municipal Garage to establish "Treatment Area Bravo" as a primary receiving site for injured victims and refugees. The unit setup a triage station, 'mini-hospital' with beds, medical supplies, oxygen and lighting, and a staging area for 12+ BLS transport ambulances. Although only one injured person was treated at the site, more than 30 displaced residents were logged, examined and relocated to shelters established by the Red Cross.

Since that time, Rescue-MCRU 2 has participated in a number of drills, including being primary medical unit for the 1998 Edison Meadow Rd. HazMat drill, at hazmat sites for rehab in Edison and South Plainfield, at bus and multi-vehicle accidents, and during extensive structure fires. The unit is on the primary Structural Collapse Task Force and Mass Casualty Response List for Middlesex Co., NJ, and is part of the oxygen strike team with No. Bunswick EMS Rescue 4. The team continually trains and holds seminars to detail the operations of the unit, and is available for service in the Middlesex, Somerset, Union, and Monmouth county areas by request as incident support to Mass Casualty Event operations.

The MCRT has recently been added as an asset to the New Jersey EMS Task Force and team members support EMSTF Mass Care, Staging and Communications functional groups.  The team has also purchased a 1985 Chevy Step Van which is currently being converted into a dedicated Emergency Services Unit (ESU-2) to carry an increased supply of mass care, rehab and HazMat support equipment.


Mass Casualty Unit Supply List

Main Equipment & Supplies In-house Stockpile Triage Bags (x4) First Due Bag (x1)
15 kW PTO Generator
4 500W tripod flood lights
6 500W circle-D flood lights
4 "M" tank Oxygen cascade, removable
7-port adj rate-flow O2 manifold
5-port O2 'minilator'
17 long backboards
50 disposable c-collars
50 disposable Cervical Immob. Devices
100 cravats
2 Reeves' stretchers
9 Military Cots
6 tarps
30 gal. drinking water
25 pc towels
GatoradeTM mix
6 portable VHF JEMS radios
MCI Management Kit
2 Situation Status Boards
22 Military Cots
15 Long Backboards
1 cs Emergency Blankets
160 Wool Blankets
20 assorted neck collars
20 bags 4x4 dressings (200/bag)
4 cs 4x4 dressings (1200/cs)
2 cs trauma dressings, 18x22
2 cs trauma dressings, 22x36
7.5 kW electric generator
7 'M' type oxygen tanks
6 cravats
1 pr trauma shears
12 5x9 dressings
4 splash mask w/shield
1 burn sheet
2 trauma dressings, 10x30
1 'D'-cylinder O2 tank
5 Amonia Inhalants
1 tube glucose
2 rl tape, 2"
4 pc Vaseline Gauze
1 Bio-Hazard Waste bag
20 METTAG triage tags
1 pen
1 S.T.A.R.T. triage guide
1 B/P cuff, adult
12 pc 4" KLING bandage
20 pr non-sterile gloves
1 pc 3-in-1 O2 mask
1 pc nasal cannula
1 pc oxygen tubing
6 pc oral airways (set, sz. 1-6)
1 pc BVM, adult, disposable respirator
1 pr trauma shears
5 pc oral airways (sz. 2-6)
2 pc splash mask w/ shield
1 pc burn sheet
2 pc trauma dressing, 10x30
1 BVM respirator, disposable
12 pc KLING bandage, 4"
12 pc dressing, 5x9
1 pc BP cuff w/ steth
20 METTAG triage tags
1 pen
1 S.T.A.R.T. triage guide
5 pc cravats
1 pc glucose (6 oz.)
4 pc Vaseline gauze
8 pr non-sterile gloves
1 pc 3-in-1 O2 mask
1 pc nasal cannula
1 pc oxygen tubing
BLS Supplies (x4 trunks) Burn Management Kit (x1 trunk) Airway Supplies - ADULT
(x1 trunk)
Airway Supplies - PEDS
(x1 trunk)
4 pc Bio-Hazard bags, medium
1 pc BP cuff, child
1 pc BP cuff, adult
1 pc BP cuff, obese
4 pk cravats (12/pk)
1 bx disposable gloves, lg (50/bx)
1 bx disposable gloves, med (50/bx)
2 bx Vionex hand wipes (50/bx)
10 pc I.V. boards
4 pk KLINGTM roll bandage, 6" (6/pk)
1 bx pens (12/bx)
1 pad paper
4 pc Stethescopes
3 bx Tape, 2" (6/bx)
12 pc Trauma dressing, 10" x 2.5'
5 pc trauma shears
1 pk Vaseline gauze, 3" x 18"
1 pc BP cuff, child
1 pc BP cuff, adult
1 pc BP cuff, obese
27 pc Burn sheets
2 bx dressing, 4" x 4"
1 bx disposable gloves, lg (50/bx)
1 bx disposable gloves, med (50/bx)
2 pk KLINGTM roll bandage, 2" (12/pk)
6 pk KLINGTM roll bandage, 6" (6/pk)
2 cs Normal Saline, 2500cc/bt (24/cs)
1 bx pens (12/bx)
1 pad paper
2 pc Stethescopes
2 pc Trauma shears
1 bx Tape, 2" (6/bx)
2 pk Oral airways, 90 mm (12/pk)
2 pk Oral airways, 100 mm (12/pk)
5 pc blub syringe
1 bx disposable gloves, lg (50/bx)
1 bx disposable gloves, med (50/bx)
6 pc BVM, adult
1 bx Nasal cannulas (50/bx)
25 pc O2 masks. 3-in-1, adult
1 pad paper
1 bx pens (12/bx)
1 bag Oral airways, 40 mm (10/bag)
1 bag Oral airways, 60 mm (10/bag)
2 bag Oral airways, 80 mm (12/bag)
6 pc BVM, infant/child
1 bx disposable gloves, lg (50/bx)
1 bx disposable gloves, med (50/bx)
1 bx Nasal cannulas (50/bx)
25 pc O2 masks. 3-in-1, pediatric
1 pad paper
1 bx pens (12/bx)

MCRU Callout Procedure

  1. Contact Middlesex Co. OEM (732-745-4400) or Edison Twp. Communications (732-248-7500)
  2. Give incident nature, location, estimated # of patients
  3. Give scene approach instructions, hazards (if any)
  4. Give Incident Command identifier and operating/staging radio frequency
  5. Give name and callback number of requesting agency

Edison EMS will repsond back with an estimated time of arrival of MCRU and manpower.

Some pictures of the current ESU organization and equipment:

Carteret Borough Ethnic Day Celebration

Joint Operation with Jersey City EMS at OPSAIL 2000

Team Members undergoing MCI training...