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EMS Bike Team



The EMS Bike Team is part of the Squad 2 Special Services Division.  This unit consists of experienced EMTs who deploy to various events on specially equipped bicycles to patrol and respond to a variety of medical emergencies.  Because these events often involve large groups of people and the venues are not easily accessible to motor vehicles, the bikes allow the EMS teams to respond and reach victims throughout the event much faster.  Once the team stabilizes the victim the ambulance which accompanies them arrives on scene to remove the patient and transport them to the hospital.

  The Squad 2 EMS Bike has served at numerous events in Edison and the surrounding communities, including the Edison Family Day Against Drugs in Raritan Center, the annual Edison Bike Tour, Fall Festival of Fireworks, Komen Breast Cancer Walk-a-Thon, March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon, Middlesex County Fair and various local parades.  The team is available to deploy throughout Middlesex County, and requests for team activation should be made through Middlesex County OEM or directly to the squad Duty Officer or Captain.  

Bike Team Equipment & Treatment
Portable Oxygen
Automatic External Defibrillator
Trauma dressing
Saline and Burn Care
Fracture stabilization
Airway management