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STAR Group Rehabilitation Unit

The Rehabilitation Unit is part of the Special Teams And Resources (STAR) Group.  It's function is to provide support to the rescuers, not the victims, at a Large Scale Incident (LSI) or specialized incident, such as a major fire, structural collapse or Hazardous Material event.

Fighting a fire, rescuing people entrapped in cars or buildings, or conducting a search for a lost child can take many hours, even days, and be grueling for the rescuers.  Without proper rest, hydration and nutrition, the rescuers become less able to perform their function, and their own personal safety and health can be jeopardized.  In fact, the number one cause of firefighter fatalities in the U.S. is heart attack, after the firefighter leaves the scene of the fire.

The Rehab Unit is called in when the incident is expected to be prolonged and careful monitoring of the health of the responders is required.  Unit is equipped with necessary provisions and equipment to keep the responders refreshed, and the Team is trained to look for signs of distress in rescuers, carfully monitor and document their vital signs and other important physiological indicators, and, if necessary, provide medical treatment and transport to a hospital.

Without proper rest and rehab, rescuers cannot do their jobs. Therefore, the Rehab Unit provides the means to keep the responders at the top of their game.


Rehab Unit At Work